Ed Peers showed me how to be a successful, creative entrepreneur.

I gave up my selfish and naive dream of becoming a rock-star-photographer. 

Thinking about Way Up North, back in 2015, suddenly made me remember a beautiful human that was at the event – Ed Peers.

I had had the solution within reach all the time. 

It made me smile to think that Ed Peers had given me the key to unlock my own problems already back in 2015, in Stockholm. Amazing that I hadn’t seen it until now. 

“Find a way to do what you love, be committed to doing it well, share it with others, network with like-minded people – then surely things will happen.”

He was right of course, so right. That was the key. That was the solution. That was what I had to do. 

I had to change focus.

It had never been about me, in the first place. It was about the people around me – all these beautiful souls, that had been there all along.

How could I have not have seen this before? 

It was about them – not about me. 

And more than anything, right now, it was about Craig – and other creative entrepreneurs like him; beautiful, kind people – amazingly creative and talented. 

Artistic entrepreneurs that in fact could change the world – but who doesn’t make their contribution or live up to all that they could be, due to self-doubt or low self-esteem. 

Those were the people that I was destined to help. 

Change of plans.

While I was standing there, thinking about my newly found purpose, the news reach me that all our flights are cancelled due to a strike among the pilots of Scandinavian Airlines. 

We will have to figure out new ways to get back home. So, people immediately start planning their trips back home, and there’s naturally a lot of stress and tension in the air. 

But me – I’m actually quite happy; because this means that I’ll have to go by train. That means that Cole Roberts also has to go by train, and that’s my chance to talk to him. 

Pitching my new idea to Cole Roberts.

Arriving at the train station I say to Cole: “Listen man, I know you said that you were gonna check your emails, and work on your trip back home – You’re not going to do that.”


“No, instead I’m going to buy you dinner, and while you are eating, I’m gonna talk and you’re gonna listen.” 

So, while the train is rushing through the (now Swedish landscape) Cole is sitting there eating his meal, and I’m telling him the story I already told you – about me back in 2015, and my selfish dream of becoming a rock-star-photographer. About me going to Lofoten, and getting to know Craig. About realising that my destiny all along was to help other creative people. 

“They all could be so much more if they didn’t suffer from self-doubt or low self-esteem.” I hear myself saying, and then: “Maybe we could use Craig like a crash-test dummy, and actually make him the new Fer Juaristi?” 

(That idea might be a little bit unethical – I know, I know – but I was really really passionate about helping Craig, when I came up with it.) 

Cole is listening, and then he says: “It’s all good brother. I’ve got nothing but love for you and this conversation, but do you see a way to scale this and do it again for more people?” 

I was like “hmm…” 

How to scale this idea and make it help more creative entrepreneurs.

That is what I’ve been thinking about, planning, working on, and creating ever since I stepped off that train: 

A program to take creative entrepreneurs on a journey, from not making enough money and suffering from low self-esteem, to the actually living a thriving life being proud of themselves and their work. 

From doubtful to inspired.

From unsure to committed.

From insecure to confident.

From isolated to connected.


You deserve it!

I believe that you deserve to make a decent as a creative entrepreneur. 

I believe that you can be authentic and unique, instead of com formative and boring, just doing what everybody else is doing. 

I believe that you can be generous and enabling other creatives, instead of playing small ball – stealing from the competition, and demeaning others.

I have a vision of a community filled with creative people, that all act guided by confidence and love, instead of shame, fear and competition.

That’s my dream – now, lets make it a reality together!

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