Back then I didn’t have the guts to go all in to become a full-time photographer, so I kept my job… actually two day jobs I had at that time – I was working full-time as a preschool teacher and one week a month I would also work as a firefighter. 

I wanted to become a full-time photographer.

I still started to chase this dream of becoming a full-time photographer.

Not only did I want to become a full-time photographer, I also wanted to be the best possible photographer I could be for my clients.

I wanted them to have an amazing experience from the beginning till the end. Everything from the process of booking, to through the actual shoot, until I delivered the final product to them. 

I intinctly understood that I couldn’t be everything for everyone so I tried to focus on what I did best, which was weddings and families, and I also loved couple sessions.

I started going to workshops.

I had been shooting since I was a kid and I had been shooting weddings for five years, but I still felt like there was so much to learn.

So I started going to all these different seminars and workshops to learn even more. 

I got to know a lot of amazing people during this time. Juliana Wiklund, Linda Rehlin, Susi Baxter-Seitz, John Hagby

I also met Volker and David, who taught me a lot of about business and business tactics – some I agree with and some I don’t – but that’s okay. 

I went to Iceland for a workshop with Jesh de Rox, Gabe McClintock, and Ed Peers

I was on fire.

Life was moving really fast. I was traveling a lot. I was taking care of three small children at home. Me and my wife were renovating the house. My wife also traveled a lot in her work.

I photographed. I partied. I met people. I had so much fun. I was doing a good job. I only had happy clients and everything was intense and wonderful.

Until one day it wasn’t. Things started to go slower and slower and became harder and harder – until one day I woke up and I I couldn’t get out of bed any more.

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