the guy behind
the dream

My dream is to create an amazing tribe of inspired, committed and confident creatives. A community of people who enjoy each others company and that are willing to go out of their way to help each other grow and thrive.

I’ve been a bartender, a Green Baret, a MMA-fighter, a firefighter, a pre-school teacher and a photographer – until one day I woke up in a bunkbed in Lofoten, Norway, and realised that I was destined to help others discover what really makes them fulfilled and then empower them to reach their goals.

Camp Jonas is a community for European creatives that teaches life balance, resulting in a sustainable business model in a time of harmful metrics and comparison.  

Jonas Burman

I get out of bed in the morning to empower other people people to be the best version of themselves, so that they can make their unique contribution to our world.

Word on the street

Meeting Jonas was like catching up with someone I have known my whole life. Jonas radiates positivity and you can see it in those he surrounds himself with. Before meeting him I was extremely self critical of my work, and just through hanging out over a few days at a workshop he was able to inspire me to be proud of what I create and notice my own achievements. Your one in a million buddy, I hope you can help others realise we can love ourselves and the work we create.
It takes *a lot* of courage to open up the way Jonas does, and we hope it doesn't go unnoticed by those who might be feeling the way he did. Thank you Jonas for sharing your story in such an open way.
The first time I met him I knew right away that he was a person that would never judge me for who I am. Because with Jonas there is no time for bullshit. He is only interested to get to know the real you, who ever you are. Jonas has a calm energy that makes you want to spend time with him. And he has a head full of stories and experiences that just needs to be shared to the world.
I’m friends with Jonas because he sees you, really sees you, and listens. He’s intelligent, empathetic, and an all around interesting guy with a lot of great ideas!
Jonas is an incredibly nice & creative soul that inspires me & his surroundings by always spreading joy. Nothing is impossible and any crazy idea will be tested with a smile his lips if it’s for the sake of good. Jonas is incredibly easy to collaborate with & is very social. You will appreciate how much time he’ll invest in any project for you & how he’s always genuine all the way. ♥ ️ I hope he always continues spreading joy & knowledge!
His core energy. Core = soul. And it is “unshakable” in his personality. He’s a person you value and appreciate. A person you are happy to have in your life and never need to “distance yourself from.
Meeting Jonas was like meeting an old friend. No barriers or hesitation, just openess and such a big heart with so much love. He always make me feel like I am a rarity and precious. Plus, together we are hilarious. Hahaha! Nah. Its just the unconditional love and the way he really sees me and everyone around him. Hope I get to return it somehow, someday.
I remember when we first met. We knew each other for about 5 minutes or something, but Jonas was already behaving as friends are supposed to do: caring, helpful, communicative and simply so super sympathetic! He was looking at me with such an honest expression in his eyes that I got the feeling that I could be myself without having to pretend anything to "fit in“. We were talking about important things, and then fooling around, the next second. It was easy going from the first second.
Right when you meet Jonas you can tell he's a genuine guy. I instantly felt like I knew him, after just talking for a few minutes. He really listen when you talk and he has a special aura of kindness. I'm also obsessed with his Instagram videos 'cause he speaks straight from his heart, which is really rare nowadays.
Jonas is one of the kindest persons I’ve met. And one of the happiest and funniest! Just being around him makes me happy too. He is curious about other people and has a way to get you to show and feel more.
What I love about Jonas is that he’s brave enough to tell people what good he sees in them. There are far too few people in this world that are willing to put their own ego aside and instead praise somebody else. Jonas is a master at this and constantly shares his positive thoughts about all the people around him. He’s kind, honest and clever, and seems to know almost everything about human nature and how to live a good life. Everybody should have a Jonas in their life.